QGIS Crowdfunding project: 2.5D Rendering of buildings/polygons

QGIS already supports various different renderers, such as
categorized, rule-based, point-displacement, 25d_renderingheatmap, etc. This allows for advanced cartographic representations. In addition, there are plugins available, such as “qgis2threejs” or “QGIS Globe”, which allow to view and export QGIS data in the third dimension. While these plugins are very useful, they also have limitations: they are not fully integrated with the QGIS styling mechanisms and can’t be integrated in the QGIS print composer for  high-quality printing.

This crowd funding project aims to extend QGIS renderers with oblique views. The third dimension of the polygon is controlled by an attribute or expression and global angles. The representations can be combined with other QGIS styling options, such as symbol levels, layer effects, categories and rules. Applications are rendering buildings according to their actual heights (similar to Google maps 2.5d rendering) or thematic maps where the polygons are extruded according to an attribute to be represented.

This project is primarily financed by ADUGA and the regional council of Picardy in France. However, of the 20k Euros, 5k are still missing, to fully implement the project.

Thank you for helping us out by contributing to this crowd funding campaign over at OpenGIS.