QGIS User & Developer conference – Extension of presentation and workshop submissions deadline

The Call for Papers and Workshops for the 2nd International QGIS User and Developer Conference, is still open!

Call for Presentations
Deadline: February 22nd

The QGIS Conference presentations are 20 minutes long, with time for Q&A at the end of each talk. Presentations may cover any aspect related with the use or development of QGIS software. Anyone can can submit a presentation proposal and take part in the conference as a presenter. The received proposals will be reviewed by the program committee.

See already submitted presentations and details: http://www.sigte.udg.edu/jornadassiglibre/en/international-qgis-user-and-developer-conference/conferencia-qgis/

Call for Workshops
Deadline: February 22nd

There are two kinds of workshops depending on the duration: 2 hours or 4 hours. If you want to actively participate in the 2nd Int. QGIS Conference and impart a workshop, don’t hesitate to send your workshop proposal to [email protected]

The proposal should be a brief abstract pointing out the expected duration of the workshop (2 hours, 4 hours) as well as a few lines describing the content of the workshop, pre-requisites for the attendants (if needed), name of the instructor

The instructors of the selected workshops will receive a free pass for the conference.

See already submitted workshops and details: http://www.sigte.udg.edu/jornadassiglibre/en/international-qgis-user-and-developer-conference/workshops-qgis/

For further details, please send an email at [email protected]