Plugin Update January 2023

This month has been busy with 20 new plugins in the QGIS plugin repository.

Since it can be challenging to stay up to date, our monthly plugin update provides you a quick overview of the newest plugins. If any of the names or short descriptions piques your interest, you can find the direct link to the plugin page in the table below the screenshot.

Determine the orientation of geological surfaces using the three-point vector method.
CartoDruid Synchronizer
Plugin to synchronize SQLite databases to Cartodruid Synchronization services at ITACyL
eTracability Automatic Accountability Tracker
This plugin adds automatic attributes to vector layers, that track who updated or created features, and when.
An automatic remote sensing tool for the estimation of flooded and burned areas.
Gruppe der QKan-Erweiterung(en)
MAGIC Map Loader
This plugin will open the DEFRA MAGIC Map service on the area of your map canvas
Full MCE for Public Health
Full Multicriteria Evaluation tool for Public Health
Lat lon buffer
This processing plugin makes a buffer in meters around lat lon point features
Equi Processing
Equidistance algorithme
Qgis Pip Management
Geo-Zone Check Germany
UAS flight restriction checker for Germany
Henter alle ortofoto-prosjekt fra Norge i bilder (WMS) som ligger innafor et utsnitt.
Kauko työkalut
Kauko työkalut
Plan Creator 3
Tool for creating a digital building model Инструмент создания цифровой модели здания
Project Reports
Plugin to generate reports (CSV and HTML) of properties and metadata about layers, fields and layouts of QGIS projects.
Kartverket adresse-API
This plugin fetches coordinates for Norwegian addresses using the Kartverket open adress-API
SenseHawk QC
This plugin will load and save SenseHawk projects needing quality check.
Polygon from map extent
A lightweight QGIS plugin to make a polygon from the current map extent.
Equirectangular 360° Viewer
Equirectangular and 360° streetview like image viewer