Plugin Update February & March 2023

So February came and went without us sharing our monthly plugin update. That means, this post lists a whopping 32 new plugins that have been published in the QGIS plugin repository in February and March.

Here’s the quick overview in reverse chronological order. If any of the names or short descriptions piques your interest, you can find the direct link to the plugin page in the table below the screenshot.

Plugin stahuje a upravuje data BPEJ a upravuje data RÚIAN pro model SWAT
PyQGIS Resource Browser
A Qt resource browser right into QGIS.
Austria Weather API
QGis connection to Geosphere Austria API
Plugin pour QGIS 3 fournissant un accès simple aux flux de géographiques WMS et WFS des données OpenStreetMap publiées sur DataSud pour la Région Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur.
CIGeoE Converge Lines
Creates a point of convergence of lines within a selected area.
Delete all
QGIS plugin to delete all groups and layers from the layers widget
CPR (Colour Pattern Regression)
Remote DB Plugin
Manage and open SSH connections to remote database servers
This plugin is made for Japanese users. It converts Japanese “MOJ Map XML” (land registration polygon data) into geospatial formats. 法務省登記所備付地図データ(地図XML)の変換や読み込みを行います。
Custom TitleBar
Configure what is displayed in the title bar (QGIS full version, sha, project name, …)
This plugin helps to create scientific flight plans.
Editor for Linear Referencing Systems
CRS Guesser
Guesses unknown CRS for layers
Extractor allows for the extraction of data from raster images based on point, line, and polygon vectors and the application of zonal statistics. Its usefulness lies in its ability to work with a range of raster sources, making it ideal for time series analysis and landscape studies.
Coverage Builder
Create rectangles to use as an input layer for atlas generation.
Gamepad Navigation
Navigate 2D and 3D map canvases using gamepad controllers (Playstation, Xbox, PC, etc.)
Street Facing Side
Identifies the side of the polygon (e.g. parcels or building footprints) that is facing the street, river, or any other line vector file type. Outputs a new line feature for each polygon feature, based on what side of the polygon was identified as the ‘street-facing’ side. Requires both an input polygon layer and input line layer.
Dichtheitsprüfung Checker
With this plugin, the raw data from leak tests (.sew files) can be read and checked for content.
Limburg Flood Impact
Limburg Flood Impact Plugin.
Walidator plików GML
Walidacja i kontrola plików GML baz: BDOO, BDOT10k, PRNG, GESUT, EGiB, BDOT500
infas LT Geocoder
Geocoding with infas LT Geocoder
Plugin pour QGIS 3 fournissant un accès simple aux flux de données géographiques WMS/WMTS et WFS du CRAIG et d’autres ressources géographiques utiles en région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.
Feature Nodes Z Tag
Tags the nodes of a feature with it’s Z value
A plugin that allows users to restart the QGIS.
Sewerage Designer
The Sewerage Designer computes the required sizing and depth of a stormwater sewer system.
Simulator of the Check4SEC validations in SEC and creation of GML file. (ES) Simulador del validador Check4SEC de la SEC y creación de fichero GML.
A plugin integration between QGIS and openai API.
Reload selected layer(s).
Plot grid tool
This plugin create a grid file from a plot boundary file
Indiana LiDAR
This plugin helps you access Indiana LiDAR data products.
Raster Volume Comparison
Calculates the difference in volume between two raster layers
This plugin exports a laye to DXF file