Plugin Update April 2023

April wasn’t just the month of our wonderful user conference and contributor meeting, it was also a month with a whopping 23 new plugins that have been published in the QGIS plugin repository.

Here’s the quick overview in reverse chronological order. If any of the names or short descriptions piques your interest, you can find the direct link to the plugin page in the table below the screenshot.

Network Store Plugin
export layers to kisters network store
Sphere Basemap Layers
This plugin let you to add a variety of thailand basemap from GISTDA sphere Open Platform
Earth, Sun, Moon, and Planets
Tools to calculate the positions of the sun, moon, and planets when viewed from directly overhead for a particular date and time. It displays solar and lunar information for a coordinate at the specified date and time. (Note the Python library dependencies.)
Concaveman QGIS
Makes concave hull for points
CIGeoE Holes 3D
Draws holes in polygons (3D)
This Plugin download open data from aemet
The plugin is available in this first version with the functionality to calculate closed polygons using the projections method.
Green View Index
A plugin for Green View Index (GVI) operations
Datos Espaciales de Referencia de Andalucía (DERA)
Loading of wfs/wms services from DERA Spatial Reference Data.Carga de los servicios wfs/wms de los Datos Espaciales de Referencia DERA
Lidar Manager
Manage LiDAR (dtm/dsm) dataset from Tile Index Layer
A tool to measure and compare craters
A QGIS plugin for geological mapping
TianDiTu Tools
OpenCage Geocoder
Geocoding using the OpenCage API
DMP Data Catalogue
Discover and add layers from the Danish Miljøportal data catalog
File Management
Plugin to help with file management from the Layers Panel.
Form (mostly Hexagon) generator for point intensities
Indiana Ortho Imagery
This plugin provide easy access to Indiana Ortho Imageries
Searching for an adresspoint in Germany based on offical data – ALKIS Adresssuche
Plugin pour l’aide au contrôle de la validité géométrique de données pour intégration dans le géoportail de l’urbanisme
Tile Index Generator
This plugin creates tile index in vector format for XYZ tiles.
Adjust styling on raster layer by a sea level curve.
Plugin pour QGIS 3 fournissant un accès simple aux flux de données géographiques (WMS, WFS) publiées par la Région Sud sur