Registration open for QGIS hackfest in Gran Canaria, November 2015

Dear QGIS developers

Collage Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

We will be holding our 14th hackfest in Gran Canaria over November 5th – November 8th, 2015. You can read more about the plans for this meet up and register your intention to attend on the hackfest wikipage. This is a developer centric hackfest where we invite coders, documenters, testers, graphic artists, translators and anyone else who is interested in improving QGIS for the benefit of all our users. General users of QGIS are of course also welcome to join us, but we will not be holding any specific user-centric workshops or talks like we do at our user conferences.

The QGIS hackfests are an important aspect of the project, playing an key role in facilitating collaboration and planning within the community of developers and contributors who combine their efforts to put out three releases of QGIS each year. We rely on the goodwill and sponsorship of our grateful users and their host organisations to financially sustain the QGIS project. If you are in a position of influence, we ask you to please consider sponsoring QGIS to support this hackfest and other project related activities.

We would like to thank Pablo Fernández Moniz and his co-organisers from Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria for organising the event. If you are able to support his event organisation activities in any way, please contact him at 

We look forward to seeing your all there!

The QGIS Team