Feature freeze is now in effect for QGIS 2.12

A note from Jürgen Fischer, our release manager, heralds the start of preparations for QGIS 2.12. We depend all users out there to test it and report issues so we can make the best possible release. An edit version of the email to the developer mailing list from Jürgen follows:


I’d like to remind everyone that the 2.11 development cycle ended yesterday at
12:00 UTC. We are now in feature freeze on the road to the 2.12 release on 2015-10-23

Now we (the community) need to prepare QGIS for the release. No new features will be added anymore.

  • Users, if not already begun, should now start
    extensive testing of master and report bugs on the QGIS hub.
  • Developers should move their focus from creating new features to fixing bugs.
  • Translators can can continue their work (we maintain all our translations on transifex now).

The nightly builds of QGIS testing available for Windows (download here), Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) and Mac
OS X (download here) are now effectively snapshots of what’s going to be released.  Except of course
for the bugs that are going to be fixed until release day.  For Windows there will also be weekly release candidates of the standalone installer. Lets keep up working together to make 2.12 another great release.